About Us

“Protecting Oregon’s wildlife, habitat and hunting heritage.”


Headline Focus:

OHA’s current focus is ensuring sound and scientific management of all huntable wildlife species. However, our financial resources are split between wildlife, habitat and a legislative agenda. OHA will strive to increase hunter access to private lands statewide.

Headline Programs:

Turn in Poachers (TIP)

The TIP program is sponsored statewide and includes a reward program funded by donations, restitutions, and other means.

Habitat and Wildlife:

Each chapter of OHA participates in habitat and wildlife projects pertinent to their area of the state.


OHA provides a lobbyist to the State Legislature to protect and enhance hunter’s rights, attend meetings of the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and other government agencies and private organizations as assigned.

OHA has 25 chapters statewide and over 10,400 members. OHA is made up of all types of hunters: Rifle, bow, shotgun, handgun, muzzleloaders, trappers and all that enjoy the outdoors and wildlife.

OHA accepts any method of taking game legally and ethically. We are a family-oriented organization that believes the youth of today will be the hunters of tomorrow. It is they that will keep our tradition alive.